Renting Your First Property – A Brief Guide

First time renting? No problem! Everyone has been there, that first leap out of the nest, hoping your wings will work. All those that have gone through it will understand that slightly sick feeling you have right now. But before you take that first flight here are a few tips that may help prepare you.

There are quite a few different types of ‘student’ accommodation. Familiarise yourself with all of them before deciding which would best suit you.

Work out how much you will be able to afford to pay for monthly accommodation. Remember that this amount is the total of your rent, utility bills, TV licence and possibly council tax included.

Choose your location wisely. An area dedicated to student living has a price while choosing to live in a non-student area has its own pitfalls. The best choice is obviously the one where the pros of a property outweigh the cons.

When searching for a residence there are a number of sources to explore. These include letting agents, student websites, private lets and most importantly the University Accommodation Office.

Choose your housemates wisely. Remember that you are going to be living in close quarters with these people for some time. Just because you get on in a social environment does not mean that they will be a good living partner.

Lastly remember that you will now be responsible for your own groceries. Toothpaste will not magically appear in the bathroom, you actually have to go and buy it!!!