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Top Seven Reasons Why so Many Torontonians Have Moved to Port Credit Condos

Living downtown has many challenges such as off the chart rents, limited green areas, high-density living, rarely meeting your neighbors, and so on. As a result, many Torontonians get fed up with that lifestyle and start searching for a different place to live. According to Condo Mapper, Port Credit is the go-to place for downtown ex-pats. Port Credit’s community, the abundant natural amenities, and the many urban amenities are the perfect antidote for downtown expatriates.

Here is a list of not one or two but seven reasons why so many Torontonians are flocking to Port Credit.

#1 Top neighborhood for commuters

Port Credit is only six kilometers from Mississauga City Centre and Square One, easily reachable with the help of the Mi-Way transit system. The Go train can take you downtown in only twenty minutes.

Port Credit condos toronto

#2 Port Credit is incredible picturesque

Conveniently located on the Mississauga waterfront and brimming with parks, Port Credit has so much to appreciate. Plus, there are more than 225 kilometers of walkways and trails. There are serene views wherever you go in Port Credit. Some of the most impressive places include J.C. Saddington Park and St. Lawrence Park.

#3 Wide selection of condos for sale

The demand for condos in Port Credit in recent years is very high. As a result, a lot of new buildings were built, and there are many more in development. So, there is no shortage of Port Credit condos for sale, for now. There are condos of all sizes, from one-bedroom condos to super-modern penthouses with unmatched views.

Port Credit condos toronto

#4 Access to all sorts of amenities

Port Credit might be a small community, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks any urban amenities. On the contrary, you can find all sorts of amenities such as a yoga studio, fitness centers, restaurants, boutiques, breweries, charming coffee shops, and a lot more.

#5 Port Credit is family-friendly

The schools there are highly rated, then there is the skating arena, the waterfront parks, the numerous trails, etc. Crime rates are very low, which is another important part of Port Credit’s appeal.

#6 Port Credit is a thriving community

Port Credit is still a small town, even though that won’t be the case in a few years. There is a strong sense of community, and everyone is super-friendly to each other. Everyone rallies among the local businesses and tries their best to support them as much as possible. Every weekend there are local farmers’ markets where you can buy locally produced vegetables and fruits. Port Condos, even though it is a small town, its music and arts scene is thriving.

Port Credit condos toronto

#7 Port Credit condo prices are bound to grow

Due to the pandemic, condo prices in Port Credit didn’t increase as predicted in January this year. Great condo prices, in combination with low-interest rates, make Port Credit an exciting investment opportunity. So, even if you buy it as an investment, you will own prime real estate property once the coronavirus pandemic is dealt with.