6 Reasons for Moving to Las Vegas

Las Vegas really does have a rep as the fling you have over the summer; a fun pastime, but definitely not one which you would consider committing to long term. However, its time to move past all of it’s connotations as being the sin city packed with bright lights and gambling glitz because even though it is such an adventurous city to live in and to experience, there are so many perks of settling down in Las Vegas that aren’t really apparent during a short term stay as a tourist.

#1 Unlimited Potential for Career Opportunities

Being one of the main center stages for the tourist industry, there are just so many job opportunities. Due to Las Vegas readily expanding and needing workers to fill these roles, residents won’t have to worry about unemployed unlike some other major cities such as the nearby San Francisco. In addition, this super city is one of the most popular places in the US for people who want the opportunity to run their own business without facing that increased chance of impending failure due to the high influx of annual tourists and the affordability of the city.

#2 Cultural Appreciation

Las Vegas is the perfect place for those who appreciate culture to settle down. It has a fantastic Arts District is a developing neighborhood within Las Vegas with restaurants, cafes and locally owned galleries filling the storefronts. In addition, local musicians, entertainers and artists are given a place in First Friday to debut their work, making downtown Las Vegas the go-to safe space for the creative community. In addition, with so many people all over the globe coming together here in this large, bustling, vibrant city, you will be able to experience a little taste of every culture without even needing to jet off on plane.

#3 Beautiful Surroundings

The majority of Las Vegas tourists get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Casinos and other tourist-targeted attractions that they never even stop to think about paying a visit to one of the many National Parks around Las Vegas and in nearby Arizona and Utah, potentially going down to witness the stunning beauty of Southern Nevada or packing up their skis to go whizzing down Mount Charleston, a luscious green oasis in the middle of the desert surroundings. So for those people who think that Las Vegas is only for the gamblers and the alcoholics, think again, there are so many possibilities of just having some clean sin-free downtime, all whilst having the bliss of being a part of an exciting city.

Whoever said that you had to travel to Africa to have a safari experience? You could always pay a visit to the nearby Death Valley and some of the other points in the Mojave Desert and take in the compelling, austere natural beauty. Also, whoever said that you had to live in Australia to witness a canyon? With the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area not far off and full of gorgeous iron-rich, red rock mountain ranges full of breathtaking hues and shades, why would you ever need to travel anywhere else? Las Vegas truly is a single place where you can experience a variety of different countries and cultures all in one.

#4 Real Estate

According to Zillow, the median home price in Las Vegas is $274,995 while the median rent price in Las Vegas is $1350. While this has definitely risen over time due to inflation and the economy not being as great as it once was, Las Vegas is definitely so much more affordable in comparison to other Californian cities such as San Francisco which has a median home price of $1,160,000 and median rent price of $4,488 or even a city of a similar size in a different state such as New York, which has a median home price of #339,900 and median rent price of $3,100. So if you want to have the experience of settling down in a major city without paying those rocket high expenses on purchasing or renting a property, Las Vegas is one of the best places to do that!

#5 Excitement for Families

When people think of the “Las Vegas Strip”, what automatically comes to mind is showgirls in exotic outfits and dazzling lights at the Casino. However, the interesting thing is that Las Vegas isn’t merely targeted for adults only, but for families too. For example, in the midst of all the chaos, a few of these exciting, family-friendly activities include things such as being entertained at the Circus Circus Adventuredome, seeing your favorite celebrities come to life in Madam Toussad’s Wax Museum, seeing the lions at MGM, scoffing down chocolate at M&M’s World and going nuts at the Gameworks Arcade.

#6 The Weather

There are so many people out there that associate Las Vegas with Northern Africa like heat, however, in actual fact, the weather there is pretty mild. The mean yearly temperature in the valley is roughly 67 degrees, with temperatures rarely dipping below 45. Even though it is definitely true that during the summer it can get pretty hot (ranging from between 90-104 degrees), many of the locals like to remind others that unlike the tropics, it is “dry heat”. So sure, while Las Vegas can definitely get hot during the summer days, most of the year the weather is perfect. You won’t have to experience the bitter cold frostiness of Alaska during the winter and spring and fall are nearly perfect. You’ll rarely ever have to feel like you have to be stuck indoors with the sun shining beautifully outside and a sheet of blue and whispy white across the sky.