Buying An Apartment In Selangor – 8 Things To Consider

Does your profession need you to live in Selangor? Are you drawn to the Selangor and would like to call it your home? Name it the magic of the country or the people, this city attracts every individual at first sight.

Selangor is the most populous, developed state with the highest GDP in Malaysia. The city holds the pride of the country, projecting a promising future for its investors. Come to this part of the peninsula to own an apartment and become a part of the higher living standards that the residents of Selangor have been experiencing for the past few decades. Prospective buyers should be prepared to spend huge money as the property prices are high in this region.


Seven points to keep in mind while looking to buy an apartment in Selangor:

Selangor is a state and hence has many places that offer developed country standards and places where tradition and modernity go together. It is not possible to search for an apartment by running across the entire state. Instead, focus on selected areas which have all the distinct features you can look for in an ideal apartment to rent.

  1. Selangor has prominent zones distributed among Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Klang, Shah Alam, Gombak etc. While Shah Alam is the capital city, Klang is the royal capital city. If you are looking for an apartment in a high-rise in the capital city, you should decide among the cities given above.
  2. In case your work requires frequent travel, you can conveniently settle in one of the Apartments For Sale in Selangor that suits your budget in Klang and Sepang as they are located close to the airports. Properties in this area provide excellent opportunities to function as condos or hostels as they provide excellent returns to business investors.
  3. The state has strict regulations for real estate purchases.
  4. A resident of Malaysia is eligible for the ‘My Second Home programme’. If you plan a second purchase, do not miss on the relaxed guidelines and charges in the state. However, it is mandatory that you purchase from an accredited builder.
  5. If you are in search of the most urban location in the state, Shah Alam is one of the best options among other cities.
  6. Investors and infrastructure developers find good returns in Klang as it has good connectivity to other cities. If you are looking to rent in a place that offers good public infrastructure, Klang should be your option.
  7. If you want to invest in apartments in developing villages or small townships of Selangor such as Petaling Jaya, you need to make sure that you are not deprived of basic facilities such as schools, food, and recreational parks etc.

Though Malaysia is a developing country, Selangor offers the best return on your investments as it is one of the most developed states of Malaysia. Selangor, apart from real estate returns also offers excellent business investment opportunities.