Port Credit condos toronto

Top Seven Reasons Why so Many Torontonians Have Moved to Port Credit Condos

Living downtown has many challenges such as off the chart rents, limited green areas, high-density living, rarely meeting your neighbors, and so on. As a result, many Torontonians get fed up with that lifestyle and start searching for a different place to live. According to Condo Mapper, Port Credit is the go-to place for downtown ex-pats. Port Credit’s community, the abundant natural amenities, and the many urban amenities are the perfect antidote for downtown expatriates. (more…)


Rent a Studio in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country known for its rich culture, art, and history. The naturally endowed nation has a fair cost of living compared to other European nations. (more…)

Vietnam property

6 Easy Steps in Acquiring Vietnam Real-Estate Properties

The last decade has been an excellent time for investors of real estate properties in Vietnam. A lot of growth has been seen in the country when it comes to infrastructures. Changes have been made to attract more investors in the country. As of now, Vietnam is one of the most attractive real-estate investment pot in Asia. Thanks to the Vietnamese Law on Residential Housing (passed in 2015), foreigners can now buy properties in the country more easily than before. (more…)

How International Investors can buy a Property in Phuket?

Phuket is a good property market and profitable investments can be made on the Thai island, providing that you know where to start your property research. There are plenty of specificities that has to be considered prior to signing a contract with a seller. (more…)

Buying An Apartment In Selangor – 8 Things To Consider

Does your profession need you to live in Selangor? Are you drawn to the Selangor and would like to call it your home? Name it the magic of the country or the people, this city attracts every individual at first sight. (more…)

Golden Palm Villa, Chaweng, Koh Samui

This exclusive and luxury 5 bedroom villa is situated on a gated hilltop community of 8 private villas. Located above Chaweng Noi Beach, amongst spectacular coconut groves and beautiful panoramic views, it commands some of the best ocean views Koh Samui has to offer. (more…)