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What does the person on your block have that everyone else wants? Curb appeal. That’s right, when it comes to boosting the value of your home; the best way to do it is to enhance the appearance of the property from the sidewalk to the front door.

Determining the value of a home based off of its exterior appearance may seem a little like judging a book by its cover, however, it happens all of the time.


Potential homebuyers regularly drive through the neighborhoods they are interested in and will determine within a short gazing period whether a house for sale is worth investigating. Determining factors may be the color of the paint, or the number of windows or it could easily be the look of the garage doors.


Garage doors have a tremendous role in maintaining solid curb appeal. If a garage door has chipped paint, broken windows or faded coloring, potential homebuyers may pass right on by.


New garage doors not only increase residential property value but they also boost the value of commercial buildings as well. A building that looks new and polished on the outside will help draw customers inside. People naturally trust businesses that put genuine effort into their appearance. New commercial garage doors are every bit as important as branding and advertising.


The benefits of garage doors are not solely cosmetic. Brand new systems are also designed to enhance security. Modern day garage doors come with security features such as grilles, alarms and sensors designed to keep out intruders and enhance safety while operating the heavy systems.


Another great benefit of new garage door systems for both residential and commercial buildings are the slew of new designs and materials available. Amish crated wood doors or a fiberglass exterior that looks like wood are just a few of the popular options currently on the market. The strength of new commercial garage doors has increased enormously over the years as insulated steel doors and aluminum glass doors have taken to all sorts of new styles and designs.


Trust an industry expert on this. Curb appeal is essential to marketing both homes and businesses. If you are interested in boosting your street credentials, give your local garage door product distributor a call and see how a new system can up your curb appeal.


About Justin White

Justin White, the marketing director at Garage Door Repair LLC, over time has become a valuable source of knowledge in the garage door and real estate industry. He is a regular contributor to related blog and news sites.

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